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For more data about these administrations, visit, call 1·800·ASK·USPS, or stop by your Post Office.

Universal Mail

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You can mail postcards, letters, substantial envelopes, and bundles from the United States to different nations. Similarly as with household mail, you can pick the best administration dependent on speed, cost, and additional administrations. Traditions revelation shapes are required on most universal bundles. All Customs frames must be electronically produced. In the event that you are not ready to do this, grasp your written by hand Customs shape to any mail station and the retail assistant will be glad to present the electronic data for you. To take in more about alternatives for global mail and to figure postage, visit or call 1·800·ASK·USPS. Your Post Office can likewise enable you to send letters globally.

Military Mail

The Postal Service can convey your letters and bundles …
A Customer's Guide to Mailing

January 2018


This guide will clarify your alternatives for mailing and help you pick the administrations that are best for you.
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Value List

Notice 123-Price List, contains residential and universal costs, and expenses in a succinct and available way. Accessible from bigger Post Offices or on Postal Explorer at

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Different Products and Se…